Montessori Environments for Children

When adults understand how children’s bodies, minds, and souls develop, children thrive. Children come alive when they are in environments which are prepared with understanding and respect for their development, and I believe there is no better guide for the design of this than the Montessori approach.

These thoughtfully prepared environments are peaceful. They allow children to follow what their bodies, minds, and souls are telling them to do. In turn, I believe that in these peaceful environments, children find a peacefulness within themselves.

When children feel peaceful, they are free to learn, to develop, to grow. They do not worry, they do not struggle, they are not distracted. Peaceful children are calm, feel confident, and can concentrate. For this reason, I believe that the most important gift in a child’s education is to feel peaceful. Natural, healthy development will follow.

As a Montessori & Early Childhood Education Consultant, my role is to support you to understand your child’s behaviours and needs, so that you can make decisions about how to guide them; benefiting their long-term social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. I currently:

I am a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) in addition to a Bachelor of Arts (Community Studies); and have taught in mainstream and Montessori (0-3 year old) early childhood services, as well as mainstream and Montessori schools. Throughout the years I have completed much in house training in the 3-6 year old & 6-9 year old Montessori classrooms, and have completed Montessori courses with MWEI and CGMS. I imagine I will go on to train, learn, and discover endlessly! 😉

Some years ago I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development studies, during which I analysed the Montessori approach from a curriculum perspective. I developed a deeper understanding of how educators learn, and how this impacts on children’s development. I now dedicate my time to providing teacher and parent support via mentoring / coaching, personal consultations, and Montessori Playgroup. My passion is gently guiding children’s development by creating a deeper understanding of the needs of the child in the adults around them.

I look forward to supporting you and the child in your life.

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