Montessori Man in the Making

I just can’t help but be so proud of my little Montessori man when I see what he is capable of because we’ve let him watch us and try for himself!

Today he really wowed me! Van’s been  exploring different kinds of brushes for a while… He uses my hairbrush to brush his own hair, has learned how to dip a paint brush into a pot of water to paint on the bricks outside, and he recently picked up his drink bottle, deliberately made a puddle by squeezing the tip of it, and then used my pastry brush to paint the floor! That was amazing to me: at 12 months old he showed me that his beautiful little brain was able to retrieve skills from experiences of the past and use them to create something new! My baby was being creative! :O

Today when I was sweeping the floor with the large broom (in the video shown), Van chose the small dust brush from the shelf and began sweeping near his little meal table! I’d never deliberately shown him that we sweep up with that brush and had only put it there that day, and yep he was right, it was messy near his table! He was being creative AND being helpful! 😉 Well nearly, he still needs to refine his sweeping skills, but I have no doubt he will get there very soon. 

I must say, it’s pretty wonderful to be growing up a little Montessori man! 🙂

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