Walking His Way

“This is what we came to the shops for right!?”Once a child is walking, the Montessori way is to allow them to walk rather than be carried as often as possible. By doing this the child continues to develop their senses and slowly learns a sense of independence which is wonderful for their self-esteem! As the adult, we slow ourselves down to meander at their pace whenever we can.

So, when we arrive at a destination, I help Van put his shoes on and carry him only as far as he is safe from hazards. Then, we walk together, talking, looking, and…touching things! And yes, as you can see it often proves challenging for me to get from A-B! Van doesn’t yet understand that when we visit the shops we have tasks to do, to him the world is just his for exploring. And that’s ok. When we can, we do it his way. When we can’t, he gets a lesson in how to get things done and sees things up at my height, which he finds interesting too.

So if you can, slow down and smell the roses…or if you are Van, turn on the taps! 😉

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