The Lonely Banana: A Cycle of Activity

Here you can see the product of a child’s work; a child out of the frame of the picture, busy doing something else…not eating a banana! 😉

A cycle of activity that we might expect involving the peeling of a banana, would almost certainly include consuming it right? But not necessarily for a developing mind. After choosing the banana, peeling each strip of the skin, piece by piece carrying each part to the rubbish bin, remembering how to open and close the lid and return to the table, it seems the work was done. The work that was needed was peeling, not eating! 

We must remember that children work for their own satisfaction and know inside themselves and they feel when they have completed their ‘work’. You may see they appear satisfied, and their deep concentration ends, as they suddenly rush off to do the next activity!

It is our part in this process, to provide cycles of activity, for which the child can do the sorts of work they need to do, and have a clear process to follow. Gradually we guide our children to complete ever greater and longer cycles of activity, building their concentration and independence as they do. 


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