Bringing His Montessori Home…

Yesterday I noticed this little moment occurring at Van’s snack table. He’d asked me for a glass of water, then before drinking it he’d sneakily snuck a measuring cup from the kitchen, as it seems he had an idea!

He took a sip of water, and promptly tipped the rest out, which certainly got my attention! But as I came closer, I discovered he was ‘pouring’ his water back and forth from one cup to the other. Ideas don’t come out of thin air, and I immediately recognized where his had come from – the Montessori Pop Up Classroom!

Although Van is just 18 months old, he attends the weekly 3-6 Year Olds Class with me each Friday, where it seems he is doing just what Maria Montessori believed young children should do: he is watching the older children and imitating their work. In our classroom we have a bamboo tray containing two jugs filled with lentils. They are used to practice pouring. As it turns out, I suspected Van was soon to be ready for this work, and I have just ordered some smaller jugs for both him and the Toddler’s Class on Wednesdays. Lucky! 😉

This is one little example of the value of attending a Montessori classroom environment regularly, even from a young age. I wonder what our other Pop Up families have noticed their children have taken away from the classroom so far?

x Alana.

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