‘W Sitting’

Have you seen the ‘W sitting’ issue popping up all over social media? Should you help your child change to a different sitting position or leave them be? Honestly, I’ve noticed Van do it a couple of times lately, and as soon as I have seen this, little alarm bells have gone off in my head – “Ahh there’s that ‘W’ thing! What should I do, move him? But he’s concentrating so well…” – Then I’ve taken a moment to observe him and calmed the heck down! 😉

I’m not trained in physical therapy, but I found this to be a very sensible, reassuring read amid all the parent scaring blogging out there, and it sounds very Montessori-ish to me! 


What’s so Montessori about this article? 

  • Trust the child and his/her body in the first instance, 
  • Know that the child’s behaviour is an indicator of his/her individual needs, and wonder “What does MY child need?”
  • Choose strategies and materials which meet his/her needs rather than just focusing on controlling a behaviour (for example offering floor tables or cushions vs. telling a child how to sit).

And that’s how truly understanding the Montessori approach comes in so handy for making parenting decisions! Please contact me if you’d like me to provide you with 1-1 advice in a home consultation.

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