Montessori Playgroup

“Fantastic Playgroup. I started this playgroup with some basic Montessori knowledge, and Alana was always great at helping me figure out how to teach the kids to use the toys/activities/jobs. Peaceful Rooms playgroup is great safe space for newbies like me and those who have used Montessori as a model for educating their children from a newborn stage. The space is beautiful and the other mums are so friendly. I love it and will keep coming back.” – Leigh

“I am so thankful to have found this wonderful Montessori Playgroup! Alana is very welcoming and it’s a beautiful, calm atmosphere for not only the children but for the Mumma’s as well.” – Kristin

“Great atmosphere, great company. My 1 year old boy loves his days at Peaceful Rooms spending time with me and learning the jobs. The sandpit and outdoor space is his fav. A great way to meet some lovely parents too.” – Teena

“We both really enjoy the playgroup, you’ve set up a really lovely space for everyone.” – Amy

“We had a great time. The kids really enjoyed it. Normally they are quite shy and clingy at other playgroups but they were happy to do their own thing…” – Catherine
“Huddy and I had a great time! It’s so relaxing and Huddy just loved it!” – Melissa

Home Consultations

“We are both finding pack up much easier…it’s working so well. She is much more engaged with her toys now. Thank you very much for all your advice.” – Carolyn

“We use the strategies you suggested in varying ways regularly and they’ve helped her enormously so thank you!” – Jessica

“Thank you so much for coming around. That was very informative and insightful. It was a pleasure to meet you.” – Erinne

“Thanks so much Alana and please the more advice the better! I will definitely take on board what you have said…” Amy

“Thank you again for the very helpful advice, tools and suggestions. It is still a work in progress but I’m willing to give it a good go.” – Anasina

“The Great Lessons were a great idea. Thank you! I’m so grateful for you introducing me to Montessori and the Cosmic Lessons! He has absolutely loved it.” – Carly

Professional Learning

“Thanks again for the fabulous info session you ran last year. The committee are considering how we may be able to utilise your expertise again this year.” – Emma, La Casa Dei Bambini Montessori Playgroup

“I thought your talk last night was really interesting and the analogy of the shoe basket was a perfect example of following the child. I explained it to Dave when I got home!” – April, La Casa Dei Bambini Montessori Playgroup

“I love your notes each week.” – Michelle, Stripy Zebras Junior Education Centre

“I really enjoyed it. It’s got me wanting to do more reading about the Montessori philosophy and there are certainly some elements of what I’ve learned so far that I would love to implement at home. It was definitely well worth attending the session.” – Janine

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