Montessori Playgroup

Montessori Playgroup is a program for parents and children aged 0-4 years in which children choose materials and activities at their own pace within a specially prepared environment, supported by their parent and guided by qualified and experienced Montessori teacher (Alana) as needed. Each week we enjoy a short group time including songs, games or stories, before packing away and singing “goodbye”. Attending Montessori Playgroup is a great way for parents to get to know other Montessori families in the area, learn more about the Montessori approach, and feel supported in their parenting from week to week.

Montessori Playgroup is located at the Oakford Community Centre on Foxton Drive, Oakford (near Armadale, south of Perth) and is offered 9:30-11:30am every Monday & Thursday for 8 weeks in each term. Families pay one fee for the term and are encouraged to attend as many sessions as suit them. Mid-term enrolment is also available once term has begun. Simply click the link below to enrol your child online.

C L I C K   T O   E N R O L

How much does Montessori Playgroup cost?

The standard term fee is $125 per child, or $100 per child when you enrol more than one child in your family. Our term fee is significantly less than other Montessori Playgroups in Perth! Our Montessori Playgroup is becoming more and more well known and places are filling up, so it is recommended to enrol in future terms to secure your child’s place.

Must I choose one day per week to attend, or does the term fee enrol my child for both days?

Your child will automatically be enrolled for both Mondays and Thursdays each week, and I encourage you to attend as often as possible to get as much as you can out of Montessori Playgroup! Some of our families attend mostly one day or the other, whilst some come both days each week. There is no need to commit to one day, and our program offered is the same on both days to ensure your child will never miss out.

Does Montessori Playgroup operate only during school terms?

Yes Montessori Playgroup is offered for 8 weeks each term. This keeps the environment fresh and interesting for the children, gives our families with school-aged children time to be together over the school holidays, and allows Alana time to do all the work that is needed behind the scenes. Our term dates are available when you go to our booking system.

Can I enrol during term or must I wait until the next term?

There is no need to wait to join Montessori Playgroup, as we offer mid-term enrolment. This enrols your child for the last four weeks, rather than the full eight weeks of our standard term. It is perfect for families who have just discovered us! Mid-term enrolment becomes available during week four of each term.

Can I visit before enrolling my child?

Yes absolutely, however it is not necessary for most children. If needed, pre-enrolment visits can be arranged individually by contacting Alana, to ensure no more than two new families visit each week.

How is Montessori Playgroup structured?

Montessori Playgroup is structured by preparing the environment for the children to make choices from the materials and experiences, at their own pace during the session. We do not direct the children to complete tasks at any specific time (other than a short farewell group session which is offered within the last fifteen minutes each session). Children gradually over time discover and master the materials and experiences on offer (some will try and do a bit of everything, others will stick to their favourites and branch out as time goes on). Morning tea is available throughout the session for children to choose to prepare, and/or eat, and clean up, at any time. We offer both indoor and outdoor play spaces for the children to move between these as they choose. A welcome pack will be provided following enrolment, which provides more detail on how you can support your child within the environment.

What ages does Montessori Playgroup cater for?

Infants from birth (yes birth!) to children aged four are catered for at our Montessori Playgroup. Our youngest child so far was just 5 weeks old when beginning with us (and he loved our infants mobiles right from the start)! Experience has shown that having a four year age span is incredibly family friendly, as generally all children in the family can attend. We have also had five year olds enrolled very happily (due to many of our families homeschooling), so please contact Alana to discuss if you are considering this.

Should I enrol my baby or wait until they are older?

There is no reason to wait! All of the educational research shows us that we can support our child’s development from birth. What we experience in those first few months of life forms the structures of our brain, provides a capacity for language and emotional connection, and refines the development of our motor systems; which we will continue to build on in our first few years of childhood. Many families say they wish they’d known how to apply the Montessori approach when their child was a baby, rather than discovering it later on. There are many Montessori materials, strategies, and principles you can experience and learn to apply (at home) while you are at Montessori Playgroup with your infant.

How do I enrol?

Enrol in Montessori Playgroup at any time by going to our booking system. There is no need to complete forms to see if your child will be accepted. We are open to all families interested in the Montessori approach.

7 Replies to “Montessori Playgroup”

  1. melissa says:

    This is great. Any chance you will be running them another day we have other classes tuesday?


  2. Dianne Thomson says:

    Oh at last! A Montessori playgroup that I can actually attend nearby!!!
    Brilliant Alana xxxxx


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